The 5 beauty hacks every busy mum needs to know

The 5 beauty hacks every busy mum needs to know


Never got the memo about Micellar? In the dark about an S Curler? Never fear. Here are five must-know tricks to get you out the door or into bed faster.

Never heard of it? Well it’s about to become your makeup bag staple. Why? Because everything seems to head south after a sleepless or interrupted night, but this little lash curler can lift those tiny outer lashes in seconds without the fiddling and pinching you get from a regular size curler thanks to the removal of side bars. Droopy eyes are transformed with one little squeeze and its small size means it can be tucked away for touch ups when needed. Follow with a coat of mascara from root to tip, or the ends, only if really pushed for time.


Shu Uemura S Curler – $22 available at Sephora and David Jones


A type of poodle? No, it’s the whirly brush on the end of some eyebrow pencils and it makes all the difference when needing to look groomed. You see, eyebrows have become a thing with women all around the globe spending a huge chunk of time tweezing, penciling, powdering, and gelling in an effort to have the perfectly shaped, perfectly filled in brows. If you don’t have 30 minutes or more to dedicate to brows, here’s where the spoolie comes in handy. Similar to a mascara brush, this cleverly designed brush grips each hair, coaxing them into shape for a super speedy transformation. A quick spritz of hair spray on the spoolie before brushing brows will ensure every hair stays in place all day. Too easy.

 brush-spoolieGlōMinerals Spoolie Brush – $11


Too tired for the painstaking nightly cleansing ritual? Always hit the first snooze button and sleep through the next? When short of time or feeling lazy this refreshing lotion speedily whisks away makeup and dirt. The rinse free formula not only limits the friction on skin but also leaves no residue. Skin is left feeling fresh, primed and ready for makeup or moisturiser, so perfect to use on the go.


BIODERMA Hydrabio H20 – $29.95


Not all makeup sponges are created equal which is a little unfair to all those who dont know about the Mancares Flawless Complexion Sponge. This little pink tool will change the way you apply foundation thanks to a little tweak to a normal, rounded sponge. By creating a slanted side, you can apply liquid or cream based foundation in soft sweeps followed by a pushing technique for a completely flawless, poreless finish. The rounded end can be used to apply concealer to blemishes or imperfections and the flat side again to get concealer right up under the eye.
BEAUTY TIP: Use sponge damp for light, dewy coverage or dry for a more flawless finish.

manicareflawlessspongeManicare Flawless Complexion Sponge – $13.50


No time for lash growth serums? Cant be bothered with eye makeup remover? Some days you want a natural look, the other days more glamour? The PONi Cosmetics The White Knight Mascara can deal with all three issues. How? Firstly, thanks to the one brush and two application head design allowing the creation of either an intense volume or a light beautifully separated lash look. Secondly, it contains a special peptide to enhance growth and thickness while you wear it. Lastly, the tubular formula means it can be washed off in the shower leaving no residue (aka no more panda-eyes).
BEAUTY TIP: If you make a mistake simply wait for it to dry and peel it off. No need for eye makeup remover!

Mascara_3The PONi Cosmetics The White Knight Mascara – $30

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