Melanie Grant reveals all on skincare

Melanie Grant reveals all on skincare

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Over the years I’ve had numerous facials and encountered various beauticians and skin clinics, but walking into Melanie Grant Skin in Sydney’s Double Bay, I immediately felt that this was going to be different. As soon as I met Melanie, I couldn’t stop staring at her skin, it’s like an Instagram filter has been permanently applied to her face. Clear, flawless, glowing skin I am completely envious of.

MelanieGrant327_RWithin minutes of meeting her and assessing my skin, it became very clear why Melanie is an expert on skin, the science of skin and how to achieve optimal skin health. She specialises in high-level treatments and appearance medicine and it’s no wonder that she is responsible for the beautiful complexions of some of our most recognisable faces; Jessica Gomes, Nicole Trunfio and Lara Worthington.

Running her two Salons in Sydney and Melbourne, plus caring for her two gorgeous boys, Melanie knows how busy things can get for working mums so I asked her recently if she’d share some tips on skincare and since many of the mums in our Facebook Group often have family photoshoots and special events, I decided to road-test Melanie’s ‘Camera Ready Facial’.

Your top skincare tips?
Take a preventative approach to skincare by applying an antioxidant serum underneath a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day. The antioxidant serum will protect your skin from premature ageing via free radical, environmental damage and the sunscreen will protect your skin from incidental UV damage.

Keep it simple when it comes to your skincare regime. Complicated regimes with too many products and steps result in inconsistency, and can also cause hypersensitivity.

Great skin starts from within so it’s really important to eat well, drink plenty of water, get sufficient sleep and avoid excessive alcohol, stress and sun exposure.

Your ‘must do’s’ and ‘definite don’ts when it comes to skincare?
Always wear an SPF every single day. The sunscreen in your makeup is not sufficient protection.

Never sleep in your makeup.

Are regular facials important?
Yes, your skin requires maintenance – especially after the age of 30. Just like your hair, nails or going to the gym.

I always recommend a regular facial every 4- 6 weeks.

What can busy mums with young children do if finding the time to get to beauty/skin treatments is difficult?
Home facials are amazing! There are so many great products that you use to create a facial at home… peels, masks and at home LED treatments.

Try applying a mask after cleansing and exfoliating then soak in the tub with a great book, I do this often.

It’s important to get some guidance from a skin professional first to be sure you’re using the right products for your specific skin type and condition.

Mums are forever feeling tired and think they look even more tired than they feel. Any advice on improving our skin when we’re not getting much sleep?
I think the lack of sleep is often unavoidable so it’s important to compensate by eating really well, staying hydrated and sleeping when you can.

Keep the skin plump and hydrated with a hydrating serum and a good moisturiser, it helps us appear fresher.

Plunge your face in cold water to reduce puffiness and try mixing an illuminator in with your moisturise for a sheer dewy glow.

Less is more with makeup, I think heavy makeup can make us look older… I never wear foundation, instead when I’m looking a little tired I plunge my face in cold water, apply a hydrating serum underneath my sunscreen, then I apply a small amount of liquid concealer underneath my eyes.. Next I define my brows with an ultra fine brow crayon (Kevyn Acuoin) then I finish with brown mascara and a dab of lip balm on my lips, cheek bones and brow bone. Keep it fresh!

Also a double shot espresso.

Your morning and bedtime routines?
AM – Cleanse, antioxidant serum, eye treatment and SPF followed by a dab of concealer and mascara, sometimes brows and always lip balm… never foundation.

PM – Double cleanse oil/acid, exfoliate once or twice a week, a retinol serum or a hydrating serum depending on how my skin feels, eye treatment finished with a restorative night cream.

Weekly masks in the bath and a monthly facial in clinic.

Your ‘can’t live without’ beauty product?
Sunscreen, mascara and lip balm.

Best piece of advice you have been given as a mother?

To be present and cherish every moment as it goes by so fast!

I’ve only just begun to fully appreciate this and I’m learning not to sweat the small stuff, like the dirty football boots on furniture and messy bedrooms.

Motherhood is such an incredible gift and I feel very blessed.

Your advice to new mums?
Don’t compare yourself to other mums and don’t compare your kids to other kids, I hate the competitiveness between some mothers.

Really take care of yourself; it makes you a better wife and mother.


MG3bWhat’s involved?
The Camera ready facial is a perfect pre event or pre photo shoot treatment. The skin is deep cleansed and exfoliated with ultra fine diamond microdermabrasion. Followed up with a customised antioxidant peel, hydration infusion and finished off with a firm french massage and calming light therapy. 

Skin is left buffed, polished, plump and dewy.

Is it for everyone?
Great for most skin types with the exception of a true sensitive skin.

How long does it take?
One hour.

Is there any down time?
No downtime.

Given my age, non-stop lifestyle and never enough sleep, glowing skin is not something I often have, however the ‘Camera Ready Facial’ really delivered everything it promises. My skin felt completely refreshed, was significantly brighter and appeared flawless.

I didn’t need to use makeup at all that day and the glow lasted. My skin a week later is much better for having the facial and given it’s a quick treatment and there’s no down time, I would highly recommend it.

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