Mums the word-Aus was created as an extension of Mums the word-Aus Facebook Group. Closed Facebook groups, although a fantastic resource, are a limited platform and Mums the word -Aus offers more for those whose interests extend beyond parenting, for women that still want to retain a sense of self and style and for everyone in the parenting space not just mothers. The network of multiple, engaging platforms is for; Fathers, Aunties, Grandparents, Carers, Educators, Service Providers, Businesses and more.

Across the network is this website plus Mums the Word – Aus Facebook GroupYouTube Parenting Channel, along with Instagram and a public Facebook Page. There is also a ‘sister’ site MumsPages, an online marketplace for Mums to connect with Businesses and Service Providers near them, wherever they are in Australia and at the same time help Businesses find more customers easily and ultimately be more successful.

Mums the word-Aus was also created because in our Mums group there are some incredibly talented women with so much to offer and share with you; from successful entrepreneurs, writers, chefs, psychologists, designers and knowledgeable full time mothers with helpful advice and valuable insight.

Mums the Word–Aus founder and editor Carly Abrahams has worked in media and communications for over 17 years including public relations, marketing, social media, television producing and presenting and event management. In 2012, whilst taking time off to look after her young son, Carly started an online community for Australian mums and mums-to-be and her network quickly grew to the thousands. Combining her global experience, with her career in communications, her parenting knowledge and insight into Australian mothers, she has since expanded with two websites, multiple social media channels and a YouTube parenting channel.

Carly has lived and worked in New York City, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Sydney Australia, where she currently resides with her 8yr old son and partner, with plans to add a fur baby and human baby underway.