Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – Does it live up to the hype?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – Does it live up to the hype?


Hair dryers have pretty much been the same since I can remember. Other than variations in speed and heat levels they’re all pretty similar, so when I heard that Dyson (the innovators behind the space age looking fan that has no blades) was launching a hair dryer and completely changing it up, I had to get my hands on one.

Thanks to the unruly curls and frizz I inherited, I have been blow drying my hair since high school; mostly it’s for a minute or two in the mornings to smooth it out. A few times a week I embark on the pain staking task of drying it after a wash which is time consuming and a total bore but if I don’t, I start to resemble a creature from the deep with frizzy hair flying out in all directions, mainly up.

The Dyson Supersonic arrived and I eagerly unboxed it to check out everything it had to offer and see if it lived up to the hype.

If you don’t have time to watch the video or can’t have volume on where you are, here’s the low down.

This very sleek looking hair dryer feels completely different to any hair dryer I’ve used. The motor is in the handle so the weight of it feels more balanced and not heavy on the arm.

What you can’t tell from the video because of video sound and an echo in the bathroom is that the Dyson hair dryer is a little quieter than other hair dryers. The sound is also more of a whizzing sound than a blasting one.

It comes with three different attachments, a Smoothing Nozzle which is wider, a Styling Concentrator which is more narrow and thinner and a Diffuser. They all attach magnetically, so there’s no fiddling around, they’re super easy to get on and off and the attachments won’t fall off in the midst of your drying. They are also cool to the touch even after use which is great, no burning your hand trying to get one on or off.

There are three different speed settings and four heat settings so you can adjust it quite significantly to suit your needs. With the heat on max and speed on fastest, it dried my hair very quickly, in a much shorter time than it normally takes. As a mum, I constantly feel time poor so this is a huge win for me and a big reason to get one.

Dyson claims its ‘Thermistor guards against extreme heat damage’. Close up styling can expose our hair to excessive temperatures but with their intelligent heat control, they claim we can dry without the risk of extreme damage. For someone like me, this is another major reason I would choose it, because I blow dry my hair every day, even if it’s for less than a minute in the morning, anything that can help improve my hair and reduce damage to it, I am all for.

The price, at $499 Aussie dollars is my only negative. Most top hair dryers come in at a quarter of that. However, Dyson spent over 50 million pounds developing it and went through 600 prototypes before completing it, has impressive technology with heat control, balance drying and damage prevention that others don’t have so you can argue that the price is justified. Having used it for just a week, it has saved me time and gets a much closer look to a salon blow-dry than I have ever been able to achieve myself, so that will be less money and time spent going to a salon.

For the full specifications and purchase information head to the Dyson website.


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