Family Fiji Trip to Nanuku Auberge Resort

Family Fiji Trip to Nanuku Auberge Resort

On our last family vacation to Fiji we spent five nights at Nanuku Auberge Resort on the Coral Coast.

This was my fourth trip to Fiji and I wasn’t sure what to expect of this one, I had heard the food was good and the accommodation modern and luxurious but wanted to find out for myself.

Nanuku is approximately a two to three hour drive from Nadi Airport, if you get stuck behind a truck as we did, it’s more like three than two hours. If long car rides with kids aren’t your thing, you can get a 30 minute small plane straight to Nanuku as there’s an airstrip two minutes from the resort. There is also a sea plane option. Nanuku can arrange whatever transfers work for you.

On arrival we were immediately welcomed by a whole team of friendly staff singing a traditional Fijian welcome song. They knew all our kids’ names straight away and had individual named necklaces for them plus a fresh coconut for all of us to drink. Winning.

We went straight to lunch as we had a hungry brood, whilst our bags went to our Villa.

Lunch arrived quickly, Nanuku food unlike most resorts in Fiji, isn’t’ on “Fiji time”. If you don’t know what ‘Fiji Time” means, it’s pretty much that ‘nothing happens in a hurry’. In other resorts this can be a little frustrating and takes time to adjust to but Nanuku’s service is great and the food was good.

The kids gobbled down lunch and were introduced to their individual buddy or nanny and off they went, four kids and four friendly Fijian buddies/nannies to entertain them while we could relax, unpack and enjoy the afternoon.

Our Villa was spectacular, it was beachfront and we had our own outdoor pool and spa plus a media room. On each child’s bed was a kite and a personalised welcoming handwritten card. I also received a personalised hand written card and a complimentary blue tooth speaker.
The Villa was kitted out with all the necessary amenities plus a popcorn maker and proper coffee machine.

The room keys at Nanuku are waterproof wristbands so you never have to worry about forgetting them.

For the next five days we had a very relaxing, enjoyable time at this resort. There is one main pool for everyone or your own pool in your villa. The main pool has a pool bar you can swim up to or walk around to. There is also the restaurant and indoor bar with a snooker table by the bar.
Nanuku also has a very adequate gym and a Spa where I enjoyed a relaxing massage.

On Saturday night we enjoyed traditional Fijian dancing and a traditional meal called a Lovo, where everything was cooked in a traditional underground oven.

For children, the kids club has numerous offerings to keep children of all ages entertained. From two month olds to teenagers, Nanuku is ready and able to take the kids off your hands so you get a break. Our kids all enjoyed the climbing wall, zip line and beach activities and one afternoon their buddies took them on a hike where they built a fire and toasted marshmallows.

The highlight of our trip was the half day island picnic which I highly recommend. We were taken on a speedboat out to a private island that Nanuku staff set-up just for us with an array of water sports equipment, table and chairs in the shade, hammocks and more. It was perfection, we all enjoyed snorkelling, kayaking, jet skiing and playing in the sand together. The buddies accompanied us and helped the children snorkel and kayak. They also cracked open fresh coconuts, played games with them and told them all about the marine life.

If you’re looking for a quiet family holiday away from the big hotels and resorts and want to experience more of an island holiday, than Nanuku is a great option.


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