I LOVE kids parties.

I love coming up with the theme, colour scheme, sourcing, creating and bringing to life the playful details that transforms your space into a make believe world of wonder for the little guests.

The first few years were a synch as I was able to cruise through party planning executing my own ideas and themes. My daughter couldn’t string a sentence together let alone guide me on her visions for her birthday celebrations. UNTIL her 3rd year when she proudly insisted “Im having a Peppa Pig party” and just like that my party love affair took a very different turn!

Immediately I envisaged licensed Peppa Pig plates, bowls, cups, garlands … you name it.Trawling through pinterest I saw party after party with giant gumboots stuffed with printed Peppa lollipops, chocolate mouse muddy puddles, cupcakes with Peppa Pig toppers and every literal idea that could come to mind. Very quickly I realised I had a challenge on my hands … how do I make Peppa Pig original!!???

I knew I needed Peppa to be there in some shape or form BUT she had to be different …. and not on a serviette!! After scouring the net I found a collection of giant Peppa and friends cardboard cutouts they would frame the space perfectly and were BIG and colourful and ORIGINAL.

Once these little (big) people arrived I decided they were not “mine” yet ….always one to customise and make it your own, I put my stylist cap on and started thinking and so the idea to dress her with tulle skirts was born. Giving them a three dimensional feel and adding a playful, fun element.

Peppa Pig 1

I then began to design the table that the kids would sit at.

I always do a seated table.

It’s another opportunity for decor and includes functionality as you can lay out all the food on it at the same time.

I begin with the setting for each seat. Once you’ve nailed that you’re half way there.

I printed out some simple Peppa colouring in pages found online, bundled a few coloured pencils on each seat and added a very sweet glitter crown. I love a little head piece or something to wear on each child’s seat. Especially if the guests aren’t asked to dress up it adds a bit of playfulness which brings together the theme (not to mention creates awesome photo opps!)


Next comes food.

As I mentioned,I always like to fill my tables with the party food. It looks fab and saves from setting up yet another station/another table to hire.

Here I like to incorporate old school treats that work with my chosen colour scheme, rather than themed food which relates back to the series/movie/book.

So I went with big bags of fairy floss/cinnamon donuts/simple white cupcakes to which I added little white hearts I made out of pipe cleaners/glitter ice cream cones filled with cookie dough and of course the gorgeous Peppa cake.

You need not have countless varieties of food … just 4/5 options on mass.


Thinking of age appropriate activities relating to the theme is something I enjoy. It’s an opportunity to be creative and have a little fun.

I like to arrange stations for kids to freely come and go as they wish and if appropriate hire an entertainer to keep them jumping up and down.

This time round it seemed obvious that Miss Peppa Pig needed to be there! She didn’t have a whole lot to say for herself (being a mascot and all) … but her side kick “friend” did some awesome singing and dancing with the little people.

Being predominantly girls, I decided that a jewellery based table would be great. I set off on the arduous task of creating beads out of pasta which I spray painted to keep in the colour scheme. Perhaps this was a little more time consuming than I’d expected and I do recall a fair bit of swearing during the days spent spraying each side of pasta. BUT it did look awesome and the jewels created were well worth it!


Peppa Pig 5

Lastly, a big bucket of pastel chalk was a hit as my concrete was filled with wonderful and eclectic artworks!

Peppa Pig 6

I always try and combine take home gifts with decor if I can …. the more detail the better and if you are creating something that adds to your theme then it shouldn’t be wasted hidden away.

A big win with kids is letting them choose their own bits and pieces to take home. And so a pick n mix station combining little trinkets and lollies seemed like a great idea for this.

Peppa Pig 7

And so our Peppa Pig Soiree was complete …. feminine, fun and quite definitely ORIGINAL!

Romi Weinberg is a freelance stylist with a passion for events/interiors/food and all things kids! Follow her creativity on Instagram @romi_weinberg


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