SNOO Journey

SNOO Journey


Whenever you hear the word SNOO, it is usually followed by “does it work?”, “is it worth it?” This intriguing invention that wasn’t around when I had my first baby was something I knew I had to try.

I had my two boys nine years apart, in that time I co-authored a book about baby products and I run a Mums group of over 25,000 mums so safe to say I’m well versed on all things babies. In my opinion SNOO is the biggest game changer to the baby product market for a long time, possibly ever.

So let me answer some of your questions, what is it and as I mentioned the one every mum asks, does it work?

First of all what is it? SNOO is a responsive baby bassinet that boosts a baby’s sleep by combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. What that means is, it automatically responds to your baby. So if your baby is calm then SNOO gently rocks bub and plays soft white noise helping them settle into sleep, if your baby is fussing and needs some help settling then SNOO rocks baby a little faster and plays white noise a little louder increasing and decreasing the sound and motion with your baby’s needs.

SNOO works it magic by imitating the calming sensations of the womb enabling parents to also get some sleep or get the time back that we used to spend walking hallways, rocking, patting or shushing or driving around to get our babies to sleep.

Although SNOO is automatically responsive, you can adjust the settings on it or via the app, including adjusting the volume, the rocking level and the weaning mode.

To get a better idea of what it looks like and how it works, check out my video below.

Now the other most asked question, does it work? YES!!! A thousand times over. To say this invention is a gamechanger is an understatement, it made the first six months of having a new baby so much easier and my baby was sleeping through more nights than he wasn’t. Especially for a baby that went through surgery and is recovering from health issues, sleep is so important as our bodies heal while we sleep and SNOO definitely contributed to him doing so well and thriving. It also helped me so much, getting more sleep so I could get through the days.

SNOO makes those first few months of having a newborn completely bearable and not sleep deprived. Having had a baby without SNOO and now one with SNOO I would recommend it without hesitation. We honestly loved it so much I didn’t want my baby out of it. It is recommended from newborn up until six months.

I was concerned that I would have trouble transferring my baby to a cot when he got too big for SNOO and when I first tried the weaning mode it didn’t go well, he loved that gentle rocking too much and would cry after one minute of being still. But I tried too early and then when I tried the weaning mode again at five and a half months he was happy no longer being rocked and slept in his cot without fussing.

SNOO was created by one of America’s most-trusted paediatricians and child development experts, Dr. Harvey Karp. Dr Karp has also written numerous books including The Happiest Baby on the Block. To find out more about SNOO click here.

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