Finding moments of Peace amid the Madness

Finding moments of Peace amid the Madness

Ten mums share their tips for when you just need five minutes to yourself!


Nobody knows what it’s like to be a mum better than other mums. We all know the highs outweigh the lows and that tough times don’t last forever. By boy does it feel endless when you’re in the thick of it!

I’m in awe of mums who appear to manage everything so effortlessly and function in a calm and collected way even when surrounded by chaos.

I’m not one of those mums.

I always wanted four children, but age, finances and fertility had other ideas and so I am unbelievably lucky to be a parent to two great human beings. I honestly believe God/the universe/whatever greater force you believe in – gives you what you are meant to have – or in my case – what I could handle.

But still, there are those days… work, stress, sick kids, sleep deprivation creep up and tap you on the shoulder – continuously, annoyingly, making you short and snappy!

So I surveyed some wonderful mums for their best ideas on how to stay sane and calm when annoyance comes knocking and all you want to do is run and hide in the bathroom. I think you might find one or two of these helpful.

Sammy: Hide in the bathroom
Take an extended toilet break. Put some earplugs in for five minutes if you need to. Take your phone with you if you want (I know, gross, but still…). Sit on the toilet, the floor, or even lie down in the empty bathtub. Just give yourself five whole minutes to re-group!

Kate: Meditate
Eyes closed in the middle of the day, deep breaths and don’t open them for anyone or anything for ten minutes. It’s also okay if this ends up being a catnap!

Georgie: Rescue Remedy spray
Spray, breathe, go down to the beach or water and sit and do nothing.

Raquel: Boxing
Punching the sh*t out of a punching bag is an amazing and quick stress reliever

Nicola: Breathe
Stop everything, feet on the floor and feel your breath go right down into your toes and back up and out of your body. Breathe deeply and fully into the lungs and stomach too.

Della: Hire help
Hire a teenager once or twice a week to amuse the kids or help them with homework. Use the time to focus on one child, to get a few things done or to go for a walk around the block.

Kaya: Go outside
Go outside with the kids into the fresh air. Play, be silly, put some music on and dance, soft sword fights or make an obstacle course. Collapse in a heap and watch the clouds.

Shelly: Eat
Make sure you are eating well. There’s nothing worse than being ‘hangry’. This is common in the late afternoon, so keep your body fuelled.

Janna: Jobs
Give the kids age appropriate tasks to do around the house, like cleaning or sorting. Most kids love a job. Put some music on in the background to lift the mood.

Bronwyn: Exercise and sleep
Make sure you get enough of both – not always possible, but at least a few days/nights a week. Really helps to take the edge off.

And if all else fails, remember….this too shall pass!

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