Secret hair business – pro tips to super shiny locks

Secret hair business – pro tips to super shiny locks


Brittle hair, don’t care – said no one ever. Leading into the colder months, moisture is sapped from hair and the dry, brittle aftermath is decidedly lacklustre. Here’s how to ensure your crowing glory remains just that.


What you eat does make a difference to the condition of your hair. According to Andrew Wilson, Expert and Director of Transitions Hair, the following foods can not only make hair look and feel healthy they can also improve scalp problems and thinning hair issues too. Bonus!

Eggs – Eggs are rich in biotin, a B vitamin that is essential for hair growth and an overall healthy scalp.

Spinach – Spinach is a great source of folate and iron, it’s essential for internal health and better yet it can lead to hair growth.

Capsicum – Yellow, red, and green capsicums are an excellent source of vitamin C, vital for maintaining healthy hair.

Lentils – Iron-rich sources of protein such as lentils are crucial for cell growth including hair cells.

Sweet Potato – Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is excellent for people with thinning hair as it boosts the scalps natural oils to prevent dry and lifeless hair and also promotes cell growth.

Not sure about you, but I’m mentally whipping up these ingredients into a nourishing frittata!

Swapping your regular conditioner for a treatment once or twice a week won’t add a minute to your morning routine but will totally transform your hair. While densely textured treatments might feel heavy in the humid months, in winter when the dry air saps moisture from hair they’ll add much needed nourishment. Unlike products containing silicone they won’t weight the hair down but to ensure efficacy, give hair a good squeeze before spreading a generous amount from mid lengths to ends and allow at least three minutes to do the job.


h6John Frieda Clear Shine Luminous Glaze – $19.99.
This clear glazing treatment, with a patented formula delivers high-impact shine and satin-smooth texture. The results for this one keep getting better after each use!


Keratin Complex Blondeshell Masque – $59.95.
Blends hydrolysed keratin with shea and macadamia seed butter, creating softness and strength for complete hair repair.
The formula will debrass and brighten all shades of blonde, natural or colour-treated hair, as well as grey and silver tones.


Pureology Precious Oil Softening Masque – $49.95.
A deeply nourishing hair mask for brittle, dry, colour-treated hair. The weekly treatment is formulated with Oleo Anti-Fade Complex®, which contains triple-action micro oils to lock in colour pigments and protect them from environmental aggressors.


We use oil on our cuticles, nailbeds, face and body but for creating shiny hair it reigns supreme. According to Janis McNicholas, Scientific Regional Trainer for Klorane, oil remains king because it can not only be used to nourish, protect and repair the hair fibre, it will also close the cuticle, giving a smooth appearance which reflects light, leaving it soft and glossy. Mango oil is particularly good for shine because it’s rich in fatty acids and works to rehydrate the hair shaft.

HOT TIP – When using any type of oil, apply from the ends where strands are more porous and work it up to the mid lengths. Once dry, assess to see if more is needed as oil based formulas work wonderfully on dry hair also.


Our Pro Pick: KLORANE Mango Oil – $19.95 (sustainably sourced, paraben and silicone free).


Reaching for a heated tong to smooth over hair when it’s looking cray-cray will cause long term damage and starts a vicious cycle resulting in zero shine. By choosing a tool with ‘steam technology’ which opens up the hair cuticle and infuses moisture before straightening is a smarter option. For people with curly, coarser or thicker hair, it’s especially effective (where hair tends to be drier because of the way their hair cuticles are formed) – the steam relaxes, hydrates and nourishes the cuticles for smooth, polished results.


VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate – $142.95

HOT TIP – To ensure shiny hair through the seasons, keep your eye out for The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (currently breaking the internet) that more than 100 different engineers worked on to bring you a lighter, quieter, intelligently heat controlled and a bladeless fan dryer. Available in Australia later this year.

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