Keratin Hair Straightening | Tried & Tested

Keratin Hair Straightening | Tried & Tested

So as the summer months dragged on with no sign of the heat easing up, my hair’s frizz was starting to drive me nuts. My 5yr old had just started school, so my mornings had gone from cuddles in bed, breakfast when we liked and leisurely strolling into Preschool to alarm clocks, schedules, mad rushes out the door and quick breakfasts in the car.

Managing my hair for more than two minutes was proving difficult. Something had to be done, so I investigated Keratin hair straightening. I soon learnt that since formaldehyde had been taken out of the Keratin straightening product a few years ago, many people found it didn’t really work. However, in our Mums online forum, there seemed to be a lot of praise for one type of Keratin straightening that I decide to try, so I booked my appointment to give bhave™ smoothe keratin therapy  a go.

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*Sidebar: If you’re keen to try it, be prepared to give up at least two hours of your life. For some of you, spending that time at a hairdressing salon is an enjoyable luxury…. for me, more like torture. Luckily the salon I went to had Wi-Fi so I managed. (Truthfully, it actually wasn’t that bad, I’m just super hopeless at sitting still).

You get your hair washed …thoroughly. They put the Keratin on carefully and slowly, to make sure every strand is covered and then you wait half an hour. You then get it all washed off, again slowly and thoroughly.

They then dry your hair with a hairdryer, again slowly and thoroughly, then each small piece of hair is straightened with a GHD hair straightener.

At this point, my hair was super straight but felt very rough like straw. I was told that this is apparently normal and once you’ve waited the minimum two days and washed it, it would feel soft again and easily manageable with very little effort required.



I wasn’t to get too sweaty, do exercise (woohoo now I had a legitimate excuse!) or tie my hair up for just two days. If you get any kinks in the hair from sleeping, just iron them out with the GHD.

After two days, as instructed, I washed my hair with bhave™rescue shampoo and conditioner. You can use any shampoo and conditioner that contain no sulphates but using the specific Keratin based products does help the treatment last longer.

After the first wash, I was thrilled, my hair was soft again but more importantly it was totally straight and smooth. I blow dried half just loosely for a few minutes and let the other half dry naturally. No curls and NO FRIZZ, I could just leave the house with calm, civilized hair without any need for taming. (Winning!)

Three weeks later, I have washed my hair a few times and the same result, still smooth and super easy to manage. (It is definitely a better result when you wash with Keratin products than supermarket brands that claim to have Keratin). These products are more expensive but the treatment definitely responds better to them.

Keratin straightening is not for everyone but if your mornings are already jam packed, leaving you with bad hair or wearing a baseball cap more than you should, I think it’s definitely worth doing.

Find out more about bhave™ smoothe keratin therapy HERE


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