How to Hide the Telltale Signs of a Sleepless Night

How to Hide the Telltale Signs of a Sleepless Night


Any mother will tell you sleepless nights are commonplace, especially if you have a child under five years. Interrupted sleep can play havoc with skin’s appearance, exacerbating fine lines, under eye shadows and sallowness (Oh the joy). But before you throw in the towel, take some time to read these foolproof ‘yeah sure I had eight hours sleep’ makeup tips.

Any less than four hours sleep will show on your face in the form of fine lines. Before rushing out to buy the latest anti-aging skincare range, try using a hydrating serum which boosts the effects of your daily moisturiser like Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum, $85. This clever serum contains Hyaluronic Acid which is capable of holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water so fine lines are instantly filled out and skin looks less sleep deprived.Ultraceuticals                                                Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum – $85


Foundation is probably the most important part of your entire makeup routine. Most people’s first reaction when they see a tired face in the mirror is to cover and cover some more but the best course of action is to add luminosity with a sheer, moisturising base and then cover select areas with concealer.

foudnBobbi Brown Extra SPF25 Tinted Moisturising Balm – $80
Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint – $87

Don’t have time for cleverly applied makeup? Swap your regular moisturiser with a non greasy, anti-ageing face self-tan to faux the glow and add instant radiance to a tired face.

JBZ_Face_FACE FLAWLESS TAN_30ml_RGB 1 copyJbronze Face Flawless Tan – $24.95


Tiredness shows in the eyes, so if you suffer from dark circles opt for a peach based concealer which helps to disguise the bluish tone of unwanted shadows. If you also have redness around the nose or get the odd spot, it’s a yellow base you need. Try not to fall into the habit of using one for all areas. Also, cream textured concealer works best when warmed on fingertips to blend over the delicate skin around the eye. If you’re not generally confident using concealer, opt for the silky textured variety with a wand applicator to make the process easier.

JaneIredaleDelete Concealer

Jane Iredale Circle\Delete – $62


Avoid the worldwide trend of intense face contouring because if you are not doing it correctly, you run the risk of looking gaunt (and overdone). Instead, use a very lightly pigmented bronzer for a soft shape and focus more on highlighting the areas the light naturally hits like the top of cheekbones, the brow bones and the cupids bow. Highlighting creams and pens work the best because they are easier to spot highlight while powder can sometimes catch in the tiny facial hairs and look chalky rather than radiant.


Yves Saint Laurent Éclat Strobing Light Limited Edition – $63 1300 651 991
ModelCo Highlighting Trio – $22


Tired eyes can’t hold a heavy load of makeup so forget an elaborate smoky eye or any cool toned colours like grey or blue which can draw attention to under eye shadows. The most flattering choice to warm up the skin tone and add a touch of radiance is a wash of brown/bronze with a slight shimmer. It will act as a pick-me-up without making a huge statement.

NarseyeshadowNars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Telesto – $46


If you have a winning red lipstick shade that works for you every time, now is the time to wear it. If not, don’t even attempt red, especially a flat matte texture. Instead, opt for a gloss in a shade close to your own which will do wonders to create the illusion of health (and a rested face). Be sure to reapply a fresh coat hourly.

Modelcogloss ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss – $20

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