DIY Stylish take home Party Gifts

DIY Stylish take home Party Gifts


I guess you would call me a bit of a kraft nerd.

It’s not unusual for me to spend hours (weeks actually) hand making take home gifts for birthday parties. Doing a few hours night after night …. Hot gluing, knotting,cutting,stamping and then hot gluing again. I have not yet acquired sewing skills and so in my house … my hot glue gun is my greatest weapon! I recently had my first proper glue gun ailment. Whilst making dried flower crowns I lost the feeling in one part of my thumb from burning it in the same place again and again (you can only imagine the results I got on google when trying to diagnose!)

But for me the take homes are equally as important as the food, entertainment, decor etc

Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing that said child is still playing with that blah blah from blah blahs party 2 years ago.

I love incorporating the take home into the decor of the party too.

A grand row/pile/basket of anything always looks more spectacular on mass. And when they’ve been given love and a great deal of thought they absolutely need to be on show.

Here are a few examples of these creative take homes …. As you can see Spotlight is my mecca!

These hobby horses were a hit with the 2 year old guests. I created an old fashioned favourite by stuffing socks with hobby fill, knotting and threading “hair” out of wool and then the trusty hot glue gun to help complete the rest.horses-c

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