Top 5 tips to create the NURSERY of your dreams!

Top 5 tips to create the NURSERY of your dreams!


So there’s a new little-man or little-miss on the way. When it comes to decorating the nursery, while it brings a lot of joy and excitement it can also be challenging. A new nursery is a blank canvas ready for you to fill. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a wonderful world, for your baby to discover.

Where to start can often be the biggest sticking point. But like with anything, just start and the rest will flow!

1. Plan ahead
Who knew a tiny little human needed so much planning and prepping! There are traditions, where people are discouraged from setting-up a nursery before the arrival. That’s ok. Not everyone is a total control freak like me that has to have the very last blanket just so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t Pin! Google “nursery inspiration” will return millions of hits – that’s why it’s a called world-wide-web! Once you’ve done your first gathering of ideas, take a break, come back and do some editing. As the due-date gets closer and closer you don’t want a million hits!

2. Find a theme
This in itself might sound broad, on the contrary, it will help you narrow in your focus. Your baby is a combination of you and your partner, what you love, find calming, or makes you happy, will have the same affect on your bubba. If you like a particular animal, have that as the base, and build the décor and colour scheme around that. If elephants are your fave, then have a few elephant pieces in the room, but don’t feel like ever element needs to be elephant-shaped.


3. Colour blocking
It’s a boy? It’s a girl? It’s a…? In reality this shouldn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with the basics, blue for boys, pink for girls, and yellow for the happy medium. But it’s also ok to go beyond and explore.

I’ll share my story, before Cooper was a twinkle in our eyes, I knew the colours I wanted for the nursery. Boy: black, white and yellow. Girl: black, white and gold. I love monochrome it’s just me, so having accents of yellow or gold brought the room to life. So when it was confirmed that a boy was on the way, it was hello yellow accents!

The trick, find one or two base colours that work for a boy and girl, and have the accent colour be either more masculine or feminine.

That said there’s nothing wrong with a boys nursery rocking some gold!


4. There can never be enough storage
An organised room helps the baby’s world go round. If everything has a place and easy to access there’s far less chance of feeling frantic and chaotic after a long night/day! When you are choosing furniture for the room, think to yourself, “is this just a decorative or can it be used to store things?” While you might LOVE the decorative piece, you will thank yourself a million times over for those extra few shelves or drawers.


5. Know when to stop!
At the end of the day, you will be spending many more hours in this room, than decorating it. Whether you’re like me and have all your ducks in a row, or rolling-out once the baby’s arrived, if the room feels calming, relaxing and PRACTICAL, you’ve done your job, and now for the real fun, PARENTING!


Happy decorating!

Jordana Shell is the founder of Cooper’s Crib. Discover more HERE

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