If your kids have reached an age where they now want their favourite Movie or TV character for their bed sheets the next word that may pop into your head is ugggh Ugly! There goes that kids room you spent hours designing on Pinterest …but any help we as parents can get to entice our kids to like their beds and stay in them, we’ll take! No matter what it requires or costs. Just let there be sleep.

Well in my case this started at aged two and a half with a well-established obsession with The Wiggles. We were set to move house and I thought a great way to adjust my son to the move and all the change that was coming to his little world was to give him a bedroom of his choosing. So of course the theme was to be The Wiggles, he literally wanted The Wiggles everything and especially a Wiggles bed. Again that word ‘Ugly’…kept popping into my head but I was determined to create a Wiggles room he would love, hopefully get lots of sleep in and I could live with.

I managed to talk him out a big red car bed (‘sorry sweetheart they’re all sold out of those…forever’). We settled on him getting to choose the colour of his new bed, however he was adamant his sheet set was going to be The Wiggles.So I started searching for The Wiggles sheets sets and found they were all polyester, which I didn’t want. His cot had always been cotton sheets, polyester can get very hot, it can feel scratchy and it doesn’t wear very well. What I did find though on my search was Wiggles Iron-On transfers.

I decided to buy white 100% cotton sheets and a doona cover and ordered a bunch of The Wiggles Iron-On transfers online. I also located from an eBay store in Canada a cotton Wiggles pillow case.

I ironed the transfers on the sheets and along with all the other Wiggles items I decorated his room with, my toddler was thrilled with his new room and loved his new Wiggles bed and many nights of sleep prevailed.


As his fourth birthday was approaching he had outgrown The Wiggles and his obsession had turned to Superman. He decided for his fourth birthday he wanted a Superman room. Again I searched for Superman sheets that were cotton and preferably not super hideous and again this was not the case.

So I bought a white cotton doona cover and ordered Superman Iron-On transfers online and did the same thing as I had done with The Wiggles. Our Wiggles doona cover has not gone to waste either. When The Superman doona cover is in the wash, we turn The Wiggles doona face down and lay a Superman throw over it. Everyone is happy.spm


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