Taking Care of You – Filling your Own Cup

Taking Care of You – Filling your Own Cup


When you have filled your own cup, you will have the resources to give to those around you. What did I do to fill up my cup? Firstly, I started to say yes to the things that made me happy, which meant that I needed to  say no to the things that were drowning me – the things that I was doing to ‘people-please’ while railroading my own happiness. I started to prioritise my needs and began to set aside time to do the things that made me happy and I focused on them, nurtured them and cared about them. Slowly, slowly, my cup was getting full again – I felt refreshed and ready to give so much more to those around me. I felt free and happy and focused on the things I needed to be focused on at the right time.  I invite you to find some simple ways to take care of your own needs so that you can care for others from your own fullness rather than emptiness.  I encourage you to take a moment for you. Think about what inspires you and welcome it into your life. Allow yourself the privilege of taking time for you, take responsibility and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

We need to remember to focus on ourselves in order to be able to give of ourselves to those around us. We need to be kind to ourselves and place value on our wellbeing. We need to be able to connect to our loved ones with meaning and presence. We need to constantly challenge ourselves so that we continue to grow and improve. All of this involves taking time out for you. The more you do for yourself, the fuller your cup will get and the more you will be able to give.

Life can be overwhelming, and we often need support, direction or encouragement – either from friends or family or, more formally, from a coach. Coaching can help you focus on you and filling up your cup, whatever stage you are at. A coach will challenge your beliefs so that you can be the best version of yourself.



Having personally experienced the trials and tribulations of attempting to ‘have it all’, hasenabled me to assist my clients to live the most enriched life they can, and to achieve what success looks like to them.

Jessika Sandler holds an honours degree in Human Resource Management (UNSW), is an ICG Certified Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching and is accredited in Insights Personality Profiling. 

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