Choc Chip Cookies …the Unhealthy Kind

Choc Chip Cookies …the Unhealthy Kind

I’m sure there are some fantastic healthy Choc Chip Cookie recipes out there but for better …or worse, this is not one of them.

These cookies are not for everyday but if you want a treat or to bake someone you like fresh delicious homemade cookies, these really do taste amazing.

• ¾ cup Brown Sugar
• ¾ cup White Sugar
• 230g Butter
• 1 Egg
• 2 ¼ Cups Self Raising Flour
• 2 ¼ Cup Choc Chips

• Heat oven to 190OC
• Mix Brown and White Sugar together
• Melt Butter and add to Sugar mixture
• Lightly beat Egg and add Egg to mixture
• Slowly sift self raising flour into mixture
• Add Choc Chips
• Roll into small balls, flatten
• Place in over for approx 10 minutes
• Remove from oven and place on drying tray


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